The First is The Wake Up Chores


I woke up in the morning to found that I forgot to brush my teeth before going to sleep last night.. Euww.. quite nasty, wasn't it? Haha Apologize!

So for the first post, let's talk about tooth brushing. Do you know that the best is, we should brush our teeth after every meal? As we eat, plaque or a transparent layer of bacteria will accumulate, coating the teeth, giving rise to the dark yellow colour of the teeth. Plaque will start to harden in two days. In 10 days, the plaque will accumulate to become dental calculus (a.k.a tartar.. not tartar sauce though.. =P). This dental calculus is hard to remove it will cause a lot of worrisome dental caries. After all, why not brushing?? LOL Okay, how to brush our teeth? It is a simple question, might doesn't cross your mind at all. Huhu..

The first of all, we should choose the best type of toothbrush to protect our  soft tissue for damaging. Many dental professionals prefer the soft-bristled toothbrush and make sure the toothbrush can reach all the teeth (it's about choosing the right size for your mouth too).

The toothpaste! For adult, use the toothpaste that contains fluoride. If you have sensitive teeth, your can use special toothpaste that has potassium nitrate since potassium nitrate can reduce the discomforts. I prefer to use Sensodyne Rapid Relief (promoting Sensodyne... LOL)! It does help even it might be a bit costly but why  not if it works?

Okay, the tips for brushing! Actually a proper brushing only takes about two three minutes. So, cheer up! =D

Smile baby!

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  1. Woa. Woa. Brushing teeth!
    What do u think about flossing teeth?

  2. yes!! compulsory.. but maybe i'll write about that later.. this toothbrushing just came out of my mind when i woke up today.. lpe berus gigi smlm.. haha

  3. background seriesly serabut mcm hang

  4. ala.. cikdah ni.. sdap apa background 2.. bgi lapaq.. haha

  5. background behind cause me having plaque and tooth decay..

  6. haha sdap kn background dye zarif? =D

  7. hoi letakla iklan nuffnang boleh dpt duit duit duit

  8. kalau wat belog setahun skali baru nak update baik tayah wat wei

  9. haha busy sngt la cikdah.. nk bwt mcm mna.. haha