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The Milky Way


It has been quite a while since my last post. I have been ill and recently, advised by my doctor to stop consuming coffee and tea. NO coffee and I'm dying without caffeine! So! I have to find an alternative to my lovely coffee which I have been taking since I was 12. LOL Then I start drinking milk a few days ago and, I found it wasn't totally bad at all - tasty! (Oh! I'm talking like I've never taste it.. =P)

So it's a milky way, a journey without coffee. What is good about this milky way is, it's totally good! I'm highlighting the LACTOFERRIN which is an iron-binding protein. In studies carried out, this iron-binding protein was found to have anti-cancer (milk is good against colon cancer particularly), anti-microbial action against some bacteria that cause dental carries (good for your teeth!).

And another six benefits of milk that are well-known:

1. Bone growth and formation (together with with vitamin D)
2. Teeth remineralization
3. Reduce osteoporosis
4. Lower risk of kidney stone
5. Maintain a healthy level of blood pressure
6. Last but not least, DEEP SLEEP... (psychologically)

Just to name a few good things about MILK... and I'm having my sip now.. Nite! =D


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