For Daydreamers Only!

Recently I find myself talking a lot of craps. Yeah! I try to lose that dead-serious face of mine and it's hard ya know. It's hard to be funny. I don't have that sense of humour especially with strangers; some might say I'm haughty. Well, it's true.. =P

But now I'm changing that attitude in an optimistic way: through daydreaming.. Well, I'm writing this for those who like to daydream - something that most of us thought, "IT'S BULLSHIT!". Haha Yup! It did. I would say yes to that - sometimes!

Why I am saying that? LOL, I'm a daydreamer at certain times. (I don't do that in lecture. That's a real bullshit..). Before I close my eyes each day, I'll take a few minutes, flying to imagination world that I creates. It's not a simple world. It's real. That why I'm not a mere daydreamer okay.

What I do is, I turn what I turn everything that I know in the real world into imagination. One day I became a doctor (I hope so, insya-Allah): knowledgeable, skillful, caring, friendly and humorous. Haha I imagined patients with a certain kind of sickness and with the real symptoms and signs (of course I must read to know these). So , I treated him nicely like a good doctor and I gave him the right prescription as it was a reality. I took my times to explain him what Do's and Don'ts. It was fun! Learning through imagination. I could refresh what I learnt through daydreaming.. and I think I can change my dead-serious attitude by picturing myself smiling... =D

So, I'm advising us all, daydreamers, why don't we take daydreaming seriously, and turn it into something meaningful. For example, we're learning a new language, we can imagine that we are talking to someone in the language. Imagine anything that can help we learn that language; just to make our daydream worthful... right?



  1. ckp jelah suker berangan..HAHAHHAAH

  2. dua2 ni sma ja.. kalo xdak imagination mcm mna nk p jauh.. haha kalo org x berangan nk p buln, smpai bla2 pn manusia xkn p buln.. =P