DRIVE Yourself!

Just finished reading DRIVE by Daniel H. Pink. It was a superb book and now I'm reading another Pink's, A WHOLE NEW MIND. What is said by Pink in Drive is really, surprisingly true. Our society is already entering a whole new era where motivation comes from the heart (Pink uses Motivation 3.0 in describing this old but surprisingly simple truth about what motivates us) instead of external rewards (which is called carrot-and-stick system)

I'm not writing about the whole book but I'd like to relate the idea of DRIVE in everyday life. On of the idea is mastery is like asymptote. Mastery is the desire to get better and better. We can get better but will never achieve perfection. Our purpose; should be something that is not 'fixed' like, I wanna be rich. Rich means I got one billion in my account bank. Instead, our purpose should be like this, I wanna be rich as rich as I can. With that, the hunger, the passion will not be put off as we reaches our objective. That is why education system nowaday is bad. Getting 100% in exam is perfect then we do not need to know more than that to get better because we've reached the highest score we can; which is not true because learning is like flying to the Sun. Reaching the Sun means death. =D

When I entered pre-medicine in UiTM, I was astonished by the learning method emphasized which is the Problem-based Learning(PBL) because we learnt what we want to learn. It wasn't about solving the problem (which is fixed), but it was about getting the knowledge as much as we can (the purpose is never-ending). I like Prof. Harbindar words, 'There is no boundary in PBL. You learn as much as you want..' It's like asymptote, didn't it? =D

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